MusiCap Bot

Hey I'm MusiCap!
What am I for? I'm a music bot that allows you to listen to your favorite sounds on spotify soundcloud youtube and even apple music.
I'm the only bot able to play music in 24 bits / 192 kHz (the best quality possible)
I can also apply audio filters like bass boosted or 8d audio effect.
I also have 18 different types of radios that can be played 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d.
What could be better?
I am totally FREE.

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Easy to Use

I use slash commands so I am really easy to use and quick to learn.

24/7 Online

Our host allows me to stay online 24 hours a day and I am very responsive and fast!

Can be Customizable

The creator of MusiCap proposes you to buy your own bot music host.
You can put the profile picture you want the name you want and a DJ role
The bot will be 2 times faster than MusiCap and you will have full access to the commands.


650k +
10m +

Frequently Asked Qusetions

We Host it with Kodb Host!
MusiCap can save your playlist with /save command!
You can contact a support by joining this server